Our Story

Kingdom Acres CBD and Hemp has a long and rich history. Ron and Malinda Tuggle own and live on a 56-acre farm in Bell Buckle, Tennessee. Ron is a southern boy, (born in Richlands, VA) and married Malinda, (born in Millersburg, Ohio) in June of 1981. They relocated to Tennessee in the summer of 1985 and other than a two-year window between 1995-97 when they moved back to Ohio in an attempt to homestead on Malinda’s home farm, they have lived in Tennessee since the mid-80’s. In August of 1997, the Tuggle Family purchased their farm on Kingdom Road. Along with their seven children, at different seasons throughout the years, they have raised sheep, hogs, chickens, dogs, cats and a few pleasure horses. It has been a wonderful place for their children to live and learn.

In the fall of 2018, Ron along with son Chris put their heads together and decided to grow hemp. After receiving licenses to grow and to process hemp in Spring 2019, they set out to chart a course in unknown territory. The family pulled together to help make this venture happen the first summer, everyone learned a lot and discovered both the joy and the difficulties this crop had to offer. Whether the family members lived in state or out of state, everyone played a role in helping launch the business. The family built a greenhouse in March, cloned 12,000 plants before June, worked the fields all summer, harvested in the fall and built a processing room and began processing the crop using a Pollen Sifter and a Rosin Press. After many months of paperwork and decisions, Kingdom Acres CBD and Hemp was launched one year later in March of 2020.

The Tuggle family is committed to growing and processing a finished product that they are comfortable using for themselves and their family. They grow using the cleanest grow methods and the purest processing methods by avoiding all synthetic chemicals, pesticides and solvents. Their goal is a pure finished product that can help others the way it has helped their family members.

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Malinda Tuggle Bio

Ron and Malinda Tuggle are the owners of Kingdom Acres CBD and Hemp. Malinda runs the day to day operations of the farm. Along with their seven children, they have lived and worked on their land in Bell Buckle, TN for more than twenty years. Now with several grown children and grandchildren– growing, harvesting, and processing hemp is a family labor of love. Malinda grew up on a working cattle farm in Ohio and she never lost her love for working the land and providing quality products for family and friends to enjoy. Today, her family farm produces some of the highest quality maple syrup you can buy and is still in production in Glenmont, Ohio.

Malinda has been a teacher for more than 40 years, starting her career teaching subjects in art and science and then spending the last few decades homeschooling all seven of her children. When she gives her Agri-Tours on the farm, it’s apparent she has spent a lifetime teaching. She explains the process of planting, nourishing, harvesting and creating the CBD products with detail and enthusiasm that captivates her audience.

The Tuggles started their venture with hemp in early 2019 at the encouragement of their sons, Scott and Chris. One of their daughters wrote a research paper on medical marijuana for a school assignment. Malinda was not in agreement with the position paper at the time; however, she says after reading her paper and doing more research she began to see how important cannabis is to the medical community. She already grew her own vegetable and herb gardens and believed in the medicinal power of plants — now armed with a new passion about the healing that could come from CBD oil and hemp products — Kingdom Acres CBD and Hemp was born.

Growing hemp is not as easy as planting a seed, watering it and watching it grow. It is a meticulous process that has taken several years and hundreds of hours of research and discussion with other hemp growers to perfect. Malinda has studied and learned from seasoned organic hemp growers on the best way to grow the highest quality organic hemp to produce her CBD oils and other hemp products.

Growing things toxin free, 100% naturally and producing a product that is safe and healthy for the consumer is her passion. In her family alone, they have seen dramatic health changes and incredible improvement from taking their products in kidney disease, high blood pressure, anxiety, sleeplessness, seizures and more. The passion she carries with her about her products comes from that real life success that she and her family are experiencing daily.